Application Architecture

The architecture is based on SpawnProc processing applications and relies on Synrc Erlang Stack. The application can be distributed as a single file, is able to run on Windows, Linux and Mac and fits to 2.88MB diskette. For processing opening application database consumes 2K per record.

Picture 2. Erlang/OTP applications

KVS 1029 128K REST database secondary indexes DYNAMO, FRAG Riak, Mnesia, Redis DBS 230 60K SpawnProc Intermediary Bank Schema MQS 347 32K Pub/Sub access message bus AMQP, GPROC TPS 874 108K transactional processing system RIAK CORE IBAN, EMV UPL PLAIN TEXT English Universal Processing Language N2O 4274 528K WebSocket protocol BERT JavsScript CSS single page apps nitrogen DSL WEB 3163 252K PrivatBank Deposit Application SERVICES 3079 496K PrivatBank Service Bridge BPE 591 68K BPMN 2.0 protocol XML/DSL process management FORMS 1626 188K SpawnProc Intermediary Bank Form Set ACT 1417 176K PrivatBank Deposit Processes

Fact: size is 2.1MB and boot time is 2s

$ ls -lh deposits
-rwxr--r--   1 5HT  staff   2.1M Feb 21 04:07 deposits
$ date && ./deposits
Sun Mar  1 01:53:42 EET 2015
Eshell V6.2  (abort with ^G)
=INFO REPORT==== 1-Mar-2015::01:53:44 ===
deposits_sup:Deposits WebSocket Server is started.