Business Processes

In business process management the key feature of is a compact process definitions. Here is example of Deposit Opening process definition in simple and clean language. The web application is an client to ACT business process server, which hosts business process context. All the processes can be executed in attached console without web application.

  deposit_app() ->

    #process { name = 'Create Deposit Account',

        flows = [
            #sequenceFlow{source='Init',      target='Payment'},
            #sequenceFlow{source='Payment',   target='Signatory'},
            #sequenceFlow{source='Payment',   target='Process'},
            #sequenceFlow{source='Process',   target='Final'},
            #sequenceFlow{source='Signatory', target='Process'},
            #sequenceFlow{source='Signatory', target='Final'}

        tasks = [
            #userTask    { name='Init',      module = deposit },
            #userTask    { name='Signatory', module = deposit},
            #serviceTask { name='Payment',   module = deposit},
            #serviceTask { name='Process',   module = deposit},
            #endEvent    { name='Final'}

        beginEvent = 'Init',
        endEvent = 'Final',
        events = [

Thanks to compact process context the 1 million records of process states consume only 1GB of storage.